How To Find Really Great High Paying Writing Jobs


I have been working towards getting back into the freelance market. I wrote this article about some of the ways I have earned an income with writing, along with jotting down some other ways from different types of research I also did on the subject. I’m hoping this article will help and encourage other writers to get started working towards their dreams to become a freelance writer. Some of the ways I have earned money is by posting classified ads. I put a set price. I also have them sign a contract once the agreement is made. That way both parties are protected. Some writers have the client pay part of the payment upfront. Not only does it show that the client is going to stick to the agreement in good faith, but it also helps towards the supplies needed for the job. When setting a price you will need to do some research to make sure you are setting a fair price; not only for the client, but for yourself also.

Another thing I have done to find high paying jobs is to look up websites that pay writers. I don’t usually take a job or submit anything where I would be paid under $50. Writers work just as hard as everyone else does and should be paid accordingly. Some of the websites I have submitted work to will be included in this article. To get started you will need to find ideas for your article, do a lot of research, figure out what you want to say in the article, type it out, and then submit it. Sometimes several times. No matter what though, don’t lose heart. Sometimes it will take a hundred no’s before you get a yes. When looking up websites it will be important to look up the submission guidelines and then read through some of the articles on the site to get a feel for what type of articles they like. It would be a good idea to sign up for the newsletters of the websites you want to write for to keep up to date on everything and also to show your support.

One of the websites I have submitted work to is They take business type articles that help people who are business owners. The website pays $50 for a twenty question article. A how to article will earn you $75 for 1,500-2000 words. An inspiration article also pays $75 for 1,500-2000 words. Feature interviews pay $75 as well for 3,000 words. Feature articles pay $150 for 3,000 words. They don’t take reprints. Please send your query or submission through email. The article must fit with the monthly theme. The website pays on publication by PayPal or check. When you’re article gets published you will receive a live link. You will need to reply to it with an invoice with
your social security number and payment preference. If you choose to get paid with a check it may take up to a month before you’ll receive it. Payment by PayPal will be submitted within a week.

Another blog that people can submit articles to is They pay $100 per article. They require 1,500 words and are looking for bizarre and unusual type information with the articles people submit. They pay through PayPal. They only take articles that will make the top 10 list. When submitting your article they will want a short biography about you. It would be a good idea to include a social media account or a blog if you would like it to be promoted. The article will need to be written in the highest form of English. They are not accepting articles on opinions, sports, health or dietary advice, self help, gaming, tips or travel guides, animals, and technology. They will rarely only take articles about T.V. shows, movies, or pop culture unless the article is interesting enough. is a website and magazine that takes uplifting faith based true stories about people who have reached a goal, overcame a struggle in their lives, or learned something about their faith. They would like it to be told from the person it happened to, or someone who is close to them. They pay $250 for a 1,500 word article. They would like all of the important facts and for it to be told so they can understand it enough as if the reader was there. Show what kind of positive change was made to the narrator because of what happened.

Another website writers can work for is Before sending in your query they would like you to look through the articles on their site
so you can see what type of articles they like. They take articles for fiction, non fiction, lighter side, cartoon, and post it jokes. You will need to check out the guidelines for
the type of post you would like to submit. They prefer all submission to be done electronically at If you do send a hard copy you will want to send it to:

Submissions Editor, Attn. {Category}
The Saturday Evening Post
1100 Waterway Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Please include contact information: name, address, email address, phone number, and a Twitter handle (if applicable). You will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope
along with the submission or you will not receive it back. They also ask that you not send original copies. is a website that takes uplifting stories from visually impaired or blind writers. The stories need to be a first person account on what it is to strive as a human being. They are open to all styles and subject matter. They pay $100 per story. It’s really important that the story be honest, unafraid, and have to do with being visually impaired. They would like personal essays, memoirs, travel writing, incisive commentary, advice on a specific subject, funny or useful lists, arts writing, general humor, insightful analysis, new ideas, and anything else that is written with verve and honesty. You can send in your submission as a finished document, a brief pitch, or just a friendly introduction or a statement of interest. They would prefer the submission to be a collaboration where the writer and the company work together. When they feel confident that you have something to say they will work with you to turn it into a great story. They don’t take interest in political rants, takedown pieces, sob stories, brand promotions, medical diaries, or embitterment. They would like the blog to show off talent and bring out the writers voices. They would like to build a positive long and lasting support structure.
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