Different Ways To Bless Your Enemies

The first way to bless your enemies is to forgive them. If you forgive your enemies it will not only bless them but it will bless you most of all. Carrying around resentment and anger can harm your health. God says if you want to be forgiven you have to forgive your enemies first.

Second thing is to pray for them. People who hurt others are often the walking wounded themselves. If you keep praying for them they just might turn around. Each person handles stress and pain differently. Some people are able to manage and cope and others tend to hold everything inside or haven’t found a way to cope with everything yet and are still searching.

Third is to greet your enemies with a smile. Sometimes people need to know that other people care about them. Plus, if you make others feel good you will feel good also.

Fourth thing you can do is to buy your enemies flowers. Flowers are a great way to cheer people up. They tell the person you’re giving them to that you really care.

Fifth thing you can do is wash their car or find a way to do something nice for them. Jesus said we are to be a light for others. This would help them to see Jesus in you. These are just some of the ways to bless your enemies.


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