Ways To See Alaska and Still Save Some Money

For Christmas I am hoping to take my mom to Alaska. She has always dreamed of going there so I decided to look into ways of going that are less expensive. Since most of Alaska’s biggest sights require a plane or boat with requiring a guide and gear it will be important to cut costs as much as possible. Here are a few ways to see Alaska and save some money. Anchorage will be where you will want to start your trip and get supplies because supplies and things are less expensive there than in other towns.

One of the first things would be to use most of your money to go on tours of the inaccessible places. Day tours can cost $80 to $650. They have rafting trips, bear viewing trips, flight seeing, glacier dog sledding tours, cruises, kayaking, fly in fishing, charter fishing, museums, cultural attractions, different types of lodges. Helicopters are more expensive and the tours run shorter than the other tours.

Another thing is to decide where to stay. Hotels can cost $150 to $175 a night. Luxury hotels can cost $200 to $250 a night. If you stay at a boutique hotel the rooms have kitchenettes. There are also some really great B&B’s. These two types of rooms can cost $100 to $200 a night. Tent camping can cost from $14 to $28 depending on the size of the tent and the campsite.

You can also rent a car and make your own adventures. Some people bring tents and sleeping bags. You can save $100 by renting a car instead of going by train or bus. If you rent a car you should rent a gas efficient car because gas can be expensive. If there’s no snow a gas efficient car would be beneficial but if there is snow a truck will be efficient. You will want to invest in extra insurance because windshields can often get chipped from chips and small rocks on the road. You can also get flat tires from unpaved roads. Fill up in the bigger cities instead of the smaller towns because it will be more expensive in the smaller towns than the cities. Anchorage and Fairbanks are great places to fill your car up on gas.

Another thing to do is to go on a glacier cruise, raft, or hike. These are fun, shorter tours that will cost less depending on the tours you go on. Flight seeing is a great shorter and memorable tour that will cost $150.

Instead of flying in it would be cheaper to take a river or ocean tour. It will save you $250.

If you rent a cabin it will cost less than staying at a fishing lodge. You will end up saving $40 a night.

Try stretching your legs and going to the bathroom at coffee shops since they have great coffee, small snacks, and inexpensive meals.

You can hike along one of Alaska’s trails or nature parks and it wouldn’t cost much money at all. These are some of the really great ways to see Alaska and save some money.

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